cat boarding

VIP isn’t just for dogs; we also offer boarding for your feline family member! Each feline guest gets their own private suite with lots of playing and climbing room!

All cats using the boarding service must follow VIP’s policies.

how to prepare

Vaccinations: All cats must be in good health and current on all vaccinations.

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Feline Leukemia (recommended)

Food & Bowls: We provide standard metal food and water bowls, but if your cat uses a specialized bowl, please bring that with. We suggest you bring your cat’s regular food from home and pack enough for their entire stay. However, we can provide food for $10/meal.

Litter & Boxes: We provide a standard size litter box and clumping, clay litter. If your cat needs a specialized litter and/or box, please bring enough for their entire stay.

Bed/Blanket: We provide a bed and blanket for each guest, but feel free to bring a bed and blanket from home.

Toys: Feel free to bring any of your cat’s favorite toys from home.

Medication: Bring any necessary medication for the entire duration of your cat’s stay. Please bring in original prescription bottle/package if possible.

  • Oral: $5
  • Injectable: $10
  • Combo: $15