dog boarding

Going on vacation? Drop your dog off at VIP for a fun vacation of their own! At VIP, each canine guest gets their own private and comfortable suite to spend the night in and can play the day away with their friends in daycare.

All our boarding guests get access to daycare during their stay, which is why they must pass our Evaluation process and follow VIP’s policies.

how to prepare

Vaccinations: All dogs must be in good health and current on all vaccinations.

    • Rabies, Canine Distemper, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
    • Negative Fecal Test (Required Yearly)
    • Influenza (Recommended)
    • Yearly heartworm and flea/tick preventative (Recommended)

Food & Bowls: We provide standard metal food and water bowls, but if your dog uses a specialized bowl, please bring that with. We suggest you bring your dog’s regular food from home and pack enough for their entire stay. However, we can provide food for $10/meal.

Feeding: Dogs who are boarding in the same run must be able to eat together. If they are not or you request them to be fed separately, a charge of $3/meal will be added to your invoice.

If a client’s dog requires extensive meal preparation while staying at VIP, there will be an additional charge of $5/meal.

Bed/Blanket: We provide a bed and blanket for each guest, but feel free to bring a bed and blanket from home.

Toys:  We ask that you do not bring any bones, rawhides, chews, or toys that are easily destructible.

A La Carte: We offer a variety of a la carte options to enrich your dog’s boarding stay. A la carte items will only be performed on arrival days if your dog is checked in before 12:00pm. A la carte items will not be performed on departure days.

Medication: Bring any necessary medication for the entire duration of your dog’s stay. Please bring in original prescription bottle/package if possible. Medication is priced per day; difficult to medicate dogs may be charged an additional fee.

    • Ora/Topical: $5
    • Injectable: $10
    • Combo: $15