Our Evaluation process

In order for dogs to use the Daycare and Boarding Services at Very Important Pets, they must pass a 4-hour evaluation process. This process is done to ensure the safety, health, and happiness of all dogs and staff.
Evaluations are by appointment only.
Walk ins will be turned away

What the process looks like:

Your Part

  • Give us a call at VIP to set something up! We’ll schedule you to drop off your dog mid-morning to early afternoon. You’ll bring along updated vaccinations and proof of heartworm and flea and tick preventative, fill out an application, sign our contract, and get a tour of our facility.

Our Part

  • We’ll start by placing your dog in our evaluation pen. This is a private pen where we can start the evaluation process.
  • Touch Test
    • Our Qualified Evaluator will pet and handle your dog to make sure they are comfortable being handled by our staff. We will also evaluate how well they listen to basic commands given by our staff members.
  • Introductory Dog Test
    • We have several dogs at our facility that we’ve picked out to be our Evaluation Greeters. They are typically calm, mild mannered, and have great communication skills.
  • Small Group Test
    • If your dog has successfully passed the first 2 stages, we move onto the small group test. We add more dogs, making a small play group of dogs. They will range in age, size, and energy.
  • Large Group Test
    • At the Large Group Test, we add your dog into a full-sized play group. There will be even more variety of dogs and energy levels.
  • Kennel Test
    • Most dogs at our facility use our kennels, even for Daycare. We want to make sure they are comfortable and are not anxious while in there. We will kennel your dog and see how they do being left alone for a nap. We will also evaluate how they react with staff walking by and staff walking into their kennel. We will also evaluate how they do with dogs passing by their kennel and how they react to dogs staying in neighboring kennels.
  • When we are done with the Evaluation Process, we will notify you with a phone call so we can discuss the results and you can pick up your dog!
    • Pass: $20/dog and can use Daycare & Boarding Services.
    • Fail: Free, but not allowed to use Daycare and Boarding Services. May re-evaluate in the future based on staff recommendation.